What happens when I need a refill?

After you join the medsquare and we become your pharmacy and we will help with auto refills and also send you reminders.

Can I really talk directly to the pharmacist ?

Absolutely! We feel direct communication is key to understanding. We want you to know that we will help you as a team as best as we can. The iOS (apple) application is the best means of communication.

We are working on the android version.

When will my medication arrive?

You can always keep a track of your medication progress online or by giving us a call. We will give you an order number once we start your prescription request.

Will my copay go up?

More than likely no. The copay is based on what your insurance plan.

We will go above and beyond to find you rebates and deals to help.

Do you fill every type of medication?

Our pharmacy currently only carries and dispenses non-control substances. We do not carry controlled substances.

What does that mean?

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Is it okay if I just text you?

Yes you can text us. If your are concerned about security use our app which has secure messaging between you and our team including our pharmacist.

If you have any questions

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Generally, a controlled substance is that cause a physical or dependency and are regulated by the DEA. They have different "Schedules" which are listed below:






There are still hundreds of medication that we can dispense at our pharmacy. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.