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As our name can suggest we aren’t any kind of pharmacy. We put wellness first, which means we put you, the person first.


We do things different from the pharmacies you may go to. We use old world, world-class services with innovative, modern technologies to bring you the very best. Seriously we bring it to you, with our free delivery. You never have to walk-in to the pharmacy unless you want to come and meet us, have some coffee, or getting your flu shot.


Flu shot…don’t forget to get that.


Anyway we aren’t “just” a pharmacy. We also are here for to support you during your wellness journey! So come and be part of our family pharmacy.

Here’s what else we do:

Medication Management Support

We are here to help you not only get your prescription but we also want you to be able to manage them in the correct way! We can do it over the phone, Skype, or face-to-face. All privately.

Educational Events

Come learn with us at one of your workshops

holistic health programs

come in and develop a holistic health plan and get coached to feel better. We also have B12 shots program

vitamins and supplements

we have vegetarian and halal vitamins and supplements at our hq. you can order them online as well for delivery!


Dont forget about the flu shots. Or travel required vaccinations. We can schedule you to have your immunizations done with us!

natural personal care goods

we have natural goods such as beard oils, organic hair products, hand made soaps, aromatherapy oils and more!

“We use quality and technology standards to make an innovative, streamlined operation. Add our staff’s caring nature and you get one great experience!”

Dr. Akifowner

The way we do things


Developing a workflow that uses global quality standards and putting humans first and using technology as an aid is the formula for how we make sure the customer has a great experience with our pharmacy.

No no more having to wait in line, call multiple people, or be known as a number.

We are here to bring the pharmacy to your doorstep, wether its for you or someone you care for. We our here to help! So Northern Virginia we are here to serve.

It’s nice to meet you!

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Express Delivery
More Holistic Options
Higher Standards

Our Team

Owned and run by our family. More information coming soon

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